This Bus goes where???

On Buses in other countries (or buses in general)


Warning: take the bus you have been instructed to take, don’t rely on your gut instinct to take anything but!

Have you ever had the moment of realization that you are not in a familiar place and might be on the wrong bus? This blog is for you, or to learn how to not EVER be in this situation. Sure the story is fun to tell now and laugh it off with your friends, but what happens when the ending isn’t so pretty, what then?…

like what happened to this Five year old boy:

images (1)

Let me tell you my friends, I have had this moment. I waited for about 40 minutes for a “Sabanilla” bus here in San José Costa Rica. When a bus finally came, he didn’t stop. The bus was full and it was 5 o’clock rush hour. I didn’t think I’d see another bus for a long, long, long time seeing as I had waited 40 minutes for the bus that DIDN’T stop. So, I knew that there was a bus route that was close to the “Sabanilla” bus route and I always just called those buses San Pedro University bus. So, what do I do, I get on the bus that says San Pedro University thinking it would take me where I needed to go on it’s last stop.

I get on the bus. Wait patiently for us to drive through the busy streets and then the bus takes a turn, a turn to the opposite direction I am supposed to be going. I wait, thinking this is an alternate route they might take when the streets are busy. Nope. I am finally in the middle of who know’s where BFE and I finally ask someone and they tell me a place I am not familiar with nor have any idea as to what direction that is in, so I politely ask the bus driver where I can go to get a “Sabanilla” bus and you tells me to wait. So, I patiently wait until we get to the last stop not having a clue as to what I am waiting for, is he going to take me home, is he going to take me to the bus stop, IS HE GOING TO KILL ME?!?

Finally, we get to the last bus stop and this old guy looks a bit confused too. Keep in mind that everyone I had spoken to I had spoken in spanish (the bus driver, the nice person who told me where I was, and this old man). So, the old guy, talks to the bus driver (In spanish) that he is confused and was curious as to which bus he accidentally took. The Bus driver looks at both of us and tells us he is going to drop us back off where we gotten on originally.

I looked at the old guy and asked him if he was lost to. He smiled at me and told me he was happy he wasn’t in this mess alone! I’m just saying people, If a Tico can take a wrong bus there is something wrong with the bus system and a foreigner should not be blamed!! (:

Anyways, bus driver drops old guy off in front of a grocery store and me back off at the mall. I then proceed to take a “Sabanilla” bus just as it was about to take off from the bus stop. Thank you two hour ordeal!


About two weeks later my friend Jeffrey did the same thing after a scary movie in the dark, cold, and rainy night. He called me after he got into a safe place. This is his story per Facebook:

” WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!?! I got on a bus that I THOUGHT was going to take me home, only to get to the LASt stop and see EVERYONE get off at BFE GOD ONLY KNOW WHERE!!! I tried to bat my lashes at the bus driver (PUHLEASE dont make me get off here) and he was kind enough to drop me off a the local university…I mean….I wasn’t home but at least it was the DARK STREETS WHERE NO ONE WOULD HEAR OR CARE THAT YOU WERE SCREAMING!!!….Oh Mercy keep me…I might not make it back to the States….AND I just saw the Conjurer too? Oh Naw!”


Reasons why you have taken a different bus:

1. There is not a clear sign as which bus it is we are taking and sometimes they are pieces of colored paper with printed/handwritten names of places where the bus passes by.

2. Waiting for hours for the bus you have been instructed to take, but knowing the bus that passes more frequently will get you home faster.

3. ^^Being impatient because of said reason. ^^

4. You have to pee and need to get home ASAP. (this has seriously happened to me)

5. You don’t want to walk to the other bus stop

6. It’s raining and dark and you just got out of a scary movie. TOO MANY FEARS AT ONCE!

7. It’s just easier than waiting (unless you end up lost, then waiting definitely would have been easier)

8. It’s dinner time. Get on ANY BUS THAT TAKES YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF HOME. (I really hope people don’t do this).

9. You look up a bus station online, ask a taxi to take you there, only to find out you are at the WRONG bus station…. That bus does not leave from there anymore. (Thanks failed internet).

10. You want to meet up with your friends in an unfamiliar place so you take a bus that you think is the right bus.

Careful people in foreign countries and those in your home country as well. This CAN happen to anyone.

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